I know most of you turned in today for the next post in my series on Security Audits. Well, I felt that I had to talk about something much more important. A friend of mine died on Monday (April 2nd, 2018). Not just any friend though. This was Robert Davis, also known as SQLSoldier on … More SQLSoldier

PASS Summit 2017

For those of you that don’t know, PASS Summit 2017 is literally just around the corner and I just happen to be going! For those who have never been before, it’s possibly one of the greatest networking events for those of us into data imaginable! You can literally go into multiple presentations, where you will … More PASS Summit 2017

Data Sources

Data Sources! Data Sources! Data Sources! Yes, that’s a throwback to one of my favorite tech memes of all time – with Steve Ballmer (CEO of Microsoft at the time.) So, in all its shining glory I present: Where would we be without the lowly data source? Absolutely Nowhere! What really is a data source? … More Data Sources