Scrum Ceremonies, part 2

So, last time, we talked about Stand Up. There are so many other ceremonies that a good scrum master should be working through with the team. Let’s try to step thru some more of them, shall we?

Possibly my favorite of the scrum ceremonies is the Retrospective, commonly referred to as the Retro. The Retro is done after the entire sprint has been completed. The Retro is where everyone is expected to give honest answers to 3 basic questions:

The main objectives of the Sprint Retro

The main idea that needs to be expressed is the honest feedback. Without honest feedback, there is no way that any future sprints can get better. Without honest feedback, no person can grow beyond their current capabilities. Without honest feedback, you will never get better as a team.

Remember to time-box the Retro to approximately 1 hour if your sprint is 2 weeks long. As with all things AGILE, please feel free to allow time for the team to discuss what is needed. This is where the Scrum Master has to go with their judgement as to when to stop a conversation or to attempt to pull out more conversation from the team.

If the Scrum Master wants to change things up, then you can go to one of my favorite sites – This site will give you different activities to try to “spice up” the Retro with a little flair. Some items can be used as they are and some may need to be tweaked. But, overall, this site can help make Retros better for the entire team.

And with that, we complete this post. Next time, we’ll go over even more scrum ceremonies!

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