SQL Tools

In my role as a DBA, these are just a few of the tools that I use and absolutely love:

Ola Hallengren’s Maintenance Script – This is the script that I use for all of of my backup, integrity check, and index needs! Such an awesome script for the best price – FREE!

Brent Ozar’s First Responder Kit – Absolutely everything you’ll need to find what’s wrong with a SQL Server and (usually) a tip or two on how to fix it.

Database Health Monitor – An awesome tool to monitor the overall health of your SQL Server. Designed for long haul over-seeing of SQL Servers.

Glenn Berry’s Diagnostic Queries – Best scripts around for getting inventory of your SQL Servers. And it’s updated monthly with new tweaks and brand new queries to show even more information each month!

In my role as a BI/Data Analyst, here are a few of the tools I use:

Microsoft PowerBI – The tool to use for visual data analysis that is getting rave reviews and it’s getting better and better each day!

RStudio – The best EDI tool I’ve seen for working with code written in R.