Gettin’ the Party Started

In our last blog post, we discussed processes. Now, I’d like to discuss what it takes to get that process started.

First thing that has to happen is for someone to have an idea.

After lots of meetings, agreements, disagreements, budget meetings, passing of budgets, stalls because of other priorities, and other who-knows-what, finally the idea is ready to be started work on!

Does this mean that it’s finally time to get moving on getting a product ready to go? Heck, no!

In an AGILE environment, the SCRUM Master must work with the business to find out what is expected, then they get to work with the team to get the process ready for roll out. (Yes, that’s an extreme over-simplification, but we’ll add lots of detail over the next few weeks to bring us all up to speed – or at least give you…

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